We are deriving  funds for sustaining our development activities from legitimate High Profile Venture Capital Sources and have a Target of closing the First round of funding by end of year 2017. 

If you are a source of venture capital interested in exploring opportunities to invest please contact Us.

Executive Summary

New software and models are needed to enhance scalability and the performance for large number of applications. The next challenge is high performance system, low latency, easy scalability with low power consumption. The classical semiconductors technology is inefficient to provide the right solution.

Mission Statement – "Break the speed and power efficiency barrier of HPC Workstations/Servers which is capped by the fundamental limitations of "Electronics" by realising the technology in an all Optical/Photonics medium."

To accomplish the above Mission, we want to first develop an All-Optical Microprocessor and in the next phase a complete All Optical Line of HPC Workstations/Servers.

“Optical computing, while entrenched in our daily computing and communication infrastructures, must create all-optical computing solutions to truly capture the opportunity of optical – speed of transmission. Hybrid electric/optical systems will always be limited by the conversion of photons to electronics, and back. Like a bullet hitting a lead wall, then being converted to a bullet again, in order for a computing operation to be completed.”

We don’t want to rush into the endeavour and just map a Microelectronics Architecture into the Optical Domain. We want to design the All-Optical Processor from basic Optical Domain first principles and realise an end product line of “All-Optical” High-Performance Computing Workstations/Servers. What distinguishes our technologies from previous optical computing efforts is the adoption of a Full Quantum model.

We Project that the Time Scale for the Complete Mass Scale of Production of the All Optical Microprocessor would be Three Years. Our Strategy is simple – Don't Run before you can Walk !!

One very attractive market that we would like to penetrate is in the Stock Exchanges, in this regards we are very aggressively pursuing The Nasdaq OMX and NYSE-EuroNext. Other Financial analysis applications would surely be appreciated by the major Investment Banks of the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan etc.

Top Target Industries[Not Limited To]:

  • Stock Exchanges

  • Financial Analysis

  • Defence Sector

  • CyberSecurity
  • 3D Motion Picture Animations

  • Drug Discovery Applications

  • Big Data Applications

The worldwide High Performance Computing (HPC) market is expected to grow at an 8.3% CAGR reaching $44 billion in 2020. The global HPC market will generate $220 Billion in revenues over the period 2015-2020. We expect to capture a significant portion of these markets, thus providing a great ROI for the investors with a typical exit strategy in the form of management buy-out in 5 years. We will be adopting the Agile Methodologies to mitigate risk in our development processes.