Positions Open to work in the Exciting Field of QuantumOptical Computing

We are a new startup based in the lovely city of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom and will be situated
in the Eastern Business Park, St. Mellons, Cardiff.

Our Initial Focus is to develop a Quantum Photonics Processor.

We are looking to build TWO Streams of Design Teams in a Hardware-Software Co-Design Methodology and expect a staff size of 25 in the first year.

We are recruiting for the following:

Please get in touch by filling out the Contact Us Form with your current work status and Salary expectations. We plan to foster a great challenging and stimulating working environment that also has a fun element not to get too much of a tedium.

Contact email address to send a detailed CV -- brianantao@tundrasystemsglobal.com

 Doctorates and Post-Doctorates 

We are looking to build TWO Streams of Design Teams in a Hardware-Software Co-Design Methodology.

The main stream is the actual processor design and here we seek Doctoral graduates who have done research and worked in some of these areas -- novel Computing processor Designs, Reconfigurable Systems – NOT just the traditional FPGA based, Massively Parallel Architectures, Optical Integrated Circuit Design, Optical Devices for Integrated Circuits, Learning systems and architectures, Hardware-Firmware Co-design, Efficient Memory systems, Photonics for Integrated Circuits, Fibre-Optical Interconnects, SDM and WDM, Performance Computations.

The Auxiliary Stream is the Design Automation Support Software Development and requires Doctoral graduates who have worked in and familiar principally in the Analysis, Modeling, Simulation and Verification of Photonic Integrated Circuits and Photonic components, Traditional High-Density Layout design automation software, traditional high-density IC Simulation and Verification with an eye to working in the Optical Domain. Good Programming skills in Object-oriented methodologies and the Java Eco-System.

Specialist Roles:

Quantum Device Specialists

Quantum Error Correction Specialists

Photonics Integrated Circuit Specialists

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Software/Hardware Specialists