Ms. Antonella Rubicco -- Chair of Non-Executive Board and Independent Director

Having spent more than 15 years at the forefront of high performance computing, Antonella Rubicco has leveraged her experience and knowledge about the markets, strategies and trends of the industry to lead several companies to prominence internationally. Through both consultancy and in senior-level executive positions, she has implemented successful company strategies, including coordinating complex projects, developing key partnerships and forging business relationships with other companies, universities and research institutes for the HPC hardware and high-speed interconnection markets. As co-founder and CEO of A3CUBE Inc., Rubicco is in charge of the execution of the company’s line of solutions designed to leverage the power of parallelism to interconnect networks, server and storage architectures for big data applications, HPC and cloud/datacenters. Previously, she served as COO and CIO of several new and established corporations, responsible for coordinating analysis, research and development, engineering and marketing of complex projects within the HPC field. Her knowledge of the industry enabled her to be the point person and main advisor for the acquisition of an innovative startup by an internationally renowned conglomerate. She has in depth experience in the coordination of R&D and marketing teams, customer and supplier relationships and in-depth knowledge of the HPC hardware and high speed interconnection markets.