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We are reliable professionals with decades of experience. We bring great insight into a broad range of the Computer Technology Spectrum to help develop the next frontier of computing technology -- "The Quantum Optical Domain".

We are embarking on a bold new venture to develop the next line of systems based fully on Quantum Optical Computing, along with the complete supporting Eco-System

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New software and models are needed to enhance scalability and the performance for large number of applications.
The next challenge is high performance systems, low latency, easy scalability with low power consumption.
The classical semiconductors technology is inefficient to provide the right solution.

We introduce the OPTICONDUCTORS, the future of semiconductors

"There are serious exascale-class problems that just cannot be solved in any reasonable amount of time
with the computers that we have today," Buddy Bland, project director at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing
Facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn.*


Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a computer chip doubles every eighteen months. Traditional transistors can no longer keep up. Too many transistors will slow down processor speeds. Transistors have physical size limits. Metallic wires limit the speed of transmission. Resistance per unit length in the chip is being increased, causing more power usage and excess heating.

On the other hand – Pure Optical Computers

  1. Use multiple frequencies

  2. Information is sent throughout computer as light waves and packets.

  3. No electron based systems.

  4. No conversion from binary to optical necessary, greatly increasing the speed.


2014 is the year we planted the seeds of our enterprise with the first step of Incorporation.

March 2015 is when we re-branded ourselves as TundraSystems Global LTD.

235B Cowbridge Road East
Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF11 9AL

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             TundraSystems Global LTD. is Incorporated in England & Wales and Registered with the Companies House, Registration Number 9285819.